The Turkestan branch of the Republican educational and educational center "Baldauren", which began its work on August 15, 2018, has established itself in the field of education.

Branch "Baldauren-Shymkent" - the youngest of the centers. Since its opening, children's dreams come true and reveal their goals. He plays an important role in building the future, directing the education and upbringing of the child.

Today's "Baldauren-Shymkent " is a new center where you can make your life fun and enjoy it.

I believe that the loyalty of each central employee will give a sense of patriotism, a sense of superiority, generosity, creativity, intelligence for a generous generation.

Currently, our center is actively working with new good initiatives. The goal is clear - the task is to develop a golden talent for knowledge, working hard to overcome the country. Thus, we will continue to make every effort and knowledge for the benefit of the country, maintaining a strong, constructive and balanced policy of the head of state. I hope that in future the success of “Armand Island” will be successful and fruitful.



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