Medical complex


Medical complex

Medical complex is a subdivision of Republican Educational Health Centre "Baldauren which implements treatments, wellness and preventive tasks.

Medical Complex provides a broad program of recovery, hardening. Prevention and treatment of children with the most effective means: vitamin therapy, herbal medicine, tempering procedures, massage, physiotherapy, sauna, oxygen cocktail, physiotherapy, health path.

Conducts recovery of children and teenagers based on the maximum use of natural and climatic conditions of the resort, organizes medical-health activities of gifted children and teenagers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Systematic monitoring of children's health, realization of control over the organization of child nutrition, organization and holding of sanitary-epidemiological measures, medical control of the organization of physical education of children, taking part in the preparation of camping and hiking - it's not the whole list of medical services of REHC "Baldauren.

We have got experienced specialists: pediatrician, neurologist, therapist, ENT, trauma surgeon, dentist, ophthalmologist and nursing staff, which do the organization of medical-health activities for gifted children and teenagers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Medical services of the centre:

 Clinical Laboratory, which conducts laboratory and clinical research;

 physiotherapy: magnet, thermotherapy, UV-quartz, UHF, electrophoresis, electric, D, UHF and inhalation;



 oxygen cocktails;

 Water treatments: mud baths and saunas;

Therapeutic physical cabinet: in diseases of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract;

 It is conducted classes of respiratory exercises on "Strelnikova”.

Circles are held with gifted children:

 1. Basics of safety life

 2. Take Care of Health

 3. Massage and its effect on the body

 4. Medical herbs. 

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