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National educational and health center
"Baldauren-Shymkent" for 2019

Subject Dates Number of days/children Participants
1 Republican meeting of young linguists "Language is the golden bridge of friendship" 15.11 - 04.12 20/260 Young linguists, winners of international, republican, regional Olympiads in Kazakh, Russian, English
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2 Collection of military-patriotic clubs 05.05 - 24.05 Members of the military-patriotic clubs, unions. Prize-winners of zonal, regional, city and district rallies of unarmey detachments.
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3 Republican festival of young talents "BaldaurenNewYear.Kz" 08.12 - 27.12 20/260 Laureates, diploma holders of international, republican, regional competitions and festivals, young singers, dancers, folk performers, creative groups, and excellent students
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