Upbringing complex


Upbringing complex is the basic structural unit of the center, which provides development and holding thematic terms for the children. The structure of the upbringing complex includes the following departments: Department of methodological support and control, department of supplementary education, pedagogical group “Zhastar”.

Department of methodological support and control is a structural unit of upbringing complex that includes the work of the following sectors: methodical, informational and analytical, organizational, and mass. Employees of the department develop the program and content of the terms, and take a deep pedagogical analysis to achieve the goals and objectives.

The main mission of  upbringing complex is creating an appropriate moral and psychological climate, creative atmosphere, friendliness - everything that contributes to personal development of each pupil, child temporary association as a whole; helps in the formation of active life position, the general attitude towards the values ​​of society, the recognition of the human person as an absolute value. Each year the terms have  different names, but the essence of them remains the same: knowledge of its history, traditions, customs, language, culture, and thus the formation of self-esteem; introduction to the treasures of national culture in order to revive, preserve and develop an inexhaustible source of wisdom and the historical experience of  people, the formation of national identity. Children who come to "Baldauren" represent a unique "geography" of their social, economic and ethnic background. Historically our house is formed as multi-ethnic, where more than one hundred nationalities live. Opening a small window into the mysterious world of ethnography, awakening in children genetic memory and simultaneously attaching each to nature, historical roots, myths, legends, traditions, customs, folk stories and philosophy, giving them self, creative tasks, we therefore raise their spiritual needs.

In 2004-2005 there were approved and implemented educational programs: “DAR” - Children's Academy of growth (author Lepeshev D.V.) and DIVO - Children's Institute of Great Discovery (authors: Vigovskaya E.N., Lepeshev D.V.). These programs help to enhance the creative potential, not only the participants of the terms, but also creative breakthroughs of pedagogue-organizers, specialists of the educational, health and physical complexes.

Over the past period from 2002 to 2007, employees of the center have accumulated a large and systematic scientific material, which covers the media for a wide range of teaching community of the country. The total volume of publications amounts more than 850 printed pages. There were published 29 collections of information and methodological collections for the leaders and organizers of children's leisure and recreation of our country, and every term information and methodical collections for pedagogue organizers are prepared. Employees of upbringing complex were repeatedly as the participants of International, Republican, regional and district scientific-practical conferences and seminars, where they showed the work of the center.

The system of upbringing activities in RHEC "Baldauren" is the statement of educational goals and objectives, in accordance with the principles of humanistic education, organization of intensive socially significant creativity of teenagers, relevant to their needs, consolidation of existing organizational abilities, skills, and to obtain new skills, with skilful pedagogical guide ensuring the enhancement of the role of child self-management.

Directions of organizing-pedagogical activities of upbringing complex are built on the following principles:

-Development and implementation of pedagogical programs aimed to the development of interests and abilities, enrichment of the spiritual world of the teenager, health promotion, satisfaction of cognitive interests;

-Socialization of teenagers, taking into account the contemporary realities of society, creating conditions for social interaction in the center;

-Modeling and testing of the most productive innovative pedagogical technologies for the development of intellectual, psycho-physiological, emotional - moral world of teenager;

-Search and development of methodics of individualization and differentiation in the activities of “Baldauren" in order to improve the effectiveness of pedagogical work;

-Recovery of teenagers in the broadest meaning of the word - physical, moral, psychological, with climatic conditions and the implementation of best practice of interaction with teenagers;

-Training and retraining of pedagogue staff for work in a children's temporary association;

- Generalization; scientific, methodical, practical understanding, and disseminate their own teaching practice and good teaching experience.

Open your heart,

Give it boldly,

The joy of living soul wanted.

 As the main mentors of children at the center remains pedagogue-organizers. But the kids call them as their leaders. Leader  leads children into an interesting and unexplored world.

Leader (Вожатый) …..Just try to feel and understand the meaning of the word. It consists of only seven letters, and even the number 7 is an extraordinary number. Seven is a good and holy number: 7 days in a week, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 notes, 7 wonders of the world, and so on.    

Someone said that the leader is certain of a calling, a state of mind, and it is impossible to agree with it. It is difficult to explain from where forces are taken to get up at 6 am every day, to go  to bed at past midnight, and during the day to do many duties. Their knowledge and skills they give the tutelages.

Each year, leaders take courses of counselor’s skill. Develop their own projects and work with the program of Children’s Academy of Growth and Children’s Institute of the Great Discoveries (authors: Vigovskaya E.N., Lepeshev D.V.), which activate the creative potential of both children and pedagogues themselves. The result of their work are the words of children who come back home, about how they love their pedagogue-organizers, that they will write and call, and request to see again.

To discover and develop creative skills of children help the workshops, clubs, and studios. They are: a beadwork, embroidery, tatting, and watercolor and radio technique. It's a world where there is violence of imagination, color and joy. After all, it's nice to make a gift to a friend and say with pride: "I did that with my own hands! ».  And, coming home, organize a club in his own school.

Many letters come to the address of the Center with gratitude, wishes of children whom "Baldauren" gave impulse to new cases, self-improvement.

Studio "Golden Needle" and "Onerpaz”, designed for anyone who wants to master the techniques of the main types of needlework: beading, tatting, macrame, embroidery, lace and embroidery. It’s a good fact that in the number of people who want to learn something new - girls and boys.

In the radio studio children learn the details used in the radio, learn to disassemble and assemble equipments. The knowledge will be enough not only for the ability to use all the features of radio-electronic devices, but also to know their internal structure and perform simple repairs.

The boys gladly attend creative laboratory "Rainbow". For them, these lessons are a fairy tale, a journey, time of interesting dialogue, where they fantasize and express themselves in drawings with pencil, watercolor.


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